The slow rhythm of needle through fabric brings me immense satisfaction. To stitch something is to make a declaration of its worth by virtue of the time spent. I sew as an expression of love.

I have always been fascinated by language, and in my work I am particularly interested in the written communication of text messages.
A text message can be a composition of great deliberation, or can be written with haste and little thought; sometimes they are filled with the painful, emotional honesty of one second in time, and at other times are wonderful vehicles for deceit and exaggeration, with the words we choose to use either revealing or hiding our true thoughts.
The mundane ease with which we send texts allows for an entire history of our feelings, and reading back through them can act as a powerful memory trigger to the emotions of a moment in time that may otherwise have faded. By combining photographs with words I hope to create a record of a relationship or event, to juxtapose the digital speed of a mobile phone with the slow handcraft of embroidery or drawing and thereby to transform the throwaway sentiments of the text message into an heirloom.

As well as my text pieces I enjoy creating all manner of other works, and am happy to undertake commissions.

I completed my BA in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007.

In 2012 my work was shown in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Dave & Lucy

Commissioned as a wedding gift

Eye, Johnny



Felt and wire



Green Bird

Felt and wire

Mammary Gland


Space Invaders


Rancor Bag

Freehand machine embroidery


Freehand machine embroidery